A Very Large Road Trip


Jessica is finally back from a 22 day road trip and she’s more tired and weird than ever. Tenney joined the crew for 9 days of sweating in the desert and viewing famous UFO things. Topics include: Road trip animal sightings, Visiting famous horror movie locations, The haunted Queen Mary! Visiting damn near every Beverly Hills 90210 filming location, Giant Rock, The Very Large Antenna Array, The Travis Walton UFO abduction recovery site, Roswell, New Mexico, Socorro UFO things, The Oppenheimer/Trinity site, How we BOTH saw a ghost at our haunted Vrbo house in L.A., Cielo Drive, Joshua Tree, UFO McDonald’s, True Crime docs, And Just Like That…, Saying hi to Lemmy’s ghost at The Rainbow, Sarah Silverman, Superman, and one MILLION more things, so buckle in! And if a cop asks you anything say “No habla penis…”

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